A group can consist of as few as 2 students up to a maximum of 12 students per class.

We do not rule out teaching groups of up to 16 for organisations with limited budgets, we do not recommend this in most situations as in a typical two-hour session each participant cannot hope to gain the personal attention they need to advance quickly and confidently.

Group courses will generally be scheduled for a fixed day and time each week in order to avoid difficulties, as the trainer and the entire group must be able to find a convenient time to meet.

In group classes, there are two other important issues to consider:

All participants should be at approximately the same level. This is less of an issue for complete beginners, otherwise some students will find the pace of the classes too slow, whilst others will find it too fast.

Where the levels of proficiency vary, we recommend splitting the group into two or more smaller groups, in order that every participant involved makes the most effective use of his or her time.

Please contact us if you would like an initial test scheduled for your personnel.

We screen all group students prior to class to determine their ability and to ensure that each student is placed in a class with approximately the same language skill set, needs and goals of other sutdents. This allows us to refine the group classes to meet your goals. Our introductory session allows each student to explain which topics they wish to cover. The teaching plan for the course is then decided by group consensus.

Please note that we charge slightly more for group courses as more administrative work is entailed in arranging course materials for each participant.