Brazilian Brazil [Brasil Brasileiro] was established in 2006. It's mission: to assist and develop adults, children and corporations in gaining an understanding of the Brazilian culture, business and language.

"Brazilian Brazil" is a verse from one of the most famous Brazilian songs called "Aquarela Do Brasil" written by Ary Barroso in 1939. The song talks about the passion about Brazil and our philosophy reflects that passion.

Our Teachers

Kenya Lino

Kenya Lino

Kenya Lino, founder of Brazilian Brazil has specialized in Education, her qualifications include: Post-graduate studies in Language and Literature, Psychology Guidance for Educational Settings, a Masters degree in Education Counseling (Pedagogy) and an Early Childhood Education college degree.

With over 15 years experience in formulating structured language learning programs for children, teenagers and adults Kenya is adept at customizing a language program to meet your specific needs. Her varied teaching experiences allow Kenya to provide a unique perspective to students and employ individual strategies to achieve optimal results.

Before coming to Miami, Kenya spent 7 years in Canada, 5 years in South Korea and 4 years in Greece teaching both privately and within the school system. Besides Portuguese, Kenya has in-depth knowledge of several other languages, including English, Greek, Spanish, Italian and Korean.

Kenya’s ongoing research in teaching methodologies, these activities include teaching methods and student comprehension, individual and corporate (staff) development and quality improvement.

A proud advocate of her country, Kenya is actively involved with many of the Brazilian communities and functions. She has managed and budgeted for BrazilFest’s KidsZone.

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Olivia Ribas

Olivia RibasOlivia Ribas has worked in various capacities within academic institutions for over 7 years. Graduating with a Master of Arts Degree in Language and Linguistics, she began her career teaching Brazilian Portuguese language at the Mundo da Crianca Elementary School. This direction led Olivia to the Professor's position at the Universidade Federal da Bahia (Federal University of Bahia).

At the Universidade Federal da Bahia she developed and taught undergraduate courses with focus on reading techniques. Her responsibilities ranged from developing, maintaining and preparing for the enrollment of undergraduate students.

Olivia has also written various articles and was an editor and reviewer for Inventario Student Magazine. In addition, she has participated in several linguistic conferences and seminars.

Here in Toronto, besides working with Brazilian Brazil, Olivia is actively engaged in participating and contributing to the Brazilian Canadian community.

Maria Isabel Barreto

Maria Isabel BarretoMaria Isabel Barreto [OAB #100385] attained her Law Degree from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and was called to the Bar association of Brazil in 1998 [Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil].

Maria Isabel was the Authorized Attorney for AMBEP [Associação de Mantenedores Beneficiários da Petrobras]. She is extremely effective in working with business people to establishing compliance and aide with legal investigations. Maria Isabel speaks a number of languages which include Portuguese, French English and some Spanish.

Maria Isabel is a representative for Melo Immigration & Paralegal Services in Brazil. She works extensively with Brazilian Cultural Exchange students by aiding and registering them at a local Canadian English school.

Maria Isabel actively participates in seminars related to International Commerce and Trade and Canadian and European Law, as well as attending lectures related to Brazil.

Aside from being a Brazilian Lawyer and engaging in International Commerce and Trade, Maria Isabel holds an Early Childhood Education college degree. She also teaches Portuguese to Individuals and business person(s) at all levels and offers interpretation services.

Sidneia Santana

Sidneia Santana

Sidneia Santana has been teaching Portuguese since 1994.   She holds a Postgraduate Degree in Psycho Pedagogy from the United Metropolitan Center for the University Faculties in Sao Paulo, also a Postgraduate Degree in Administration of Education from Adventist College of Education in Sao Paulo and a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education from the Federal University of Acre.

Sidneia has over seventeens years of teaching experience where she has held roles from Teacher to a Administrative Coordinating Director at the Adventist School in Sao Paulo, Brazil.